Animal Products

According to The American Pet Products Manufactures Association (APPMA), pet ownership among all U.S. households is 68 percent. This equates to an increase of 82.5 million pet owning households in 2012.

Coinciding with the increase in overall pet ownership is a comparable gain in the total number of households owning a dog or cat. Dog ownership swelled to 56.7 million households while cat ownership grew to 45.3 million.  These gains in dog and cat owning households mean that the total number of these pets has also increased.  The current survey reports a total of 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats in the U.S. Increases in both dollar amount spent and services provided indicate pet owners’ priority in caring for their pets’ health. The use of pet meds and supplements to ensure longer, healthier lives for pets is increasing as well. Exel offers the veterinary practice quality products and services that meet the demands of today’s growing veterinary practices.  Choose from a complete line of general, specialty and disposable medical products that complement the routine to the more arduous medical procedures. Please see product links.