Dental Needles

  • These products do not contain Natural Rubber Latex.
  • New hub design lowers the chances of needle breakage by 500%!
  • New RED DOT on the needle hub marks the needle bevel position, even when the needle point is not visible
  • Years of exacting experience in the production of hypodermic needles has been applied to the production of Dental Needles,
    virtually painless, atraumatic, and perfectly sharp to give maximum patient comfort. Dental Needle production is computer
    controlled in all processes from manufacture to inspection. In addition, every needle passes and optical inspection
  • Needles are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide and their sterility is guaranteed by testing every production lot prior to release
  • Dental Needle hubs and boxes are color-coded by gauge for easier identification of suitable needle and
  • Each needle is individually packaged, sterilized, and ready for immediate use
  • Self-tapping ribs placed on the outside of the hub, and inside threads make for ease of use
  • Larger cannula lumen (.0055″)
  • The cannula is siliconized
Catalog No. Description Length Hub Color
26555 30G Short (21mm) Blue
26562 30G Long (32mm) Blue
26557 27G Long (32mm) Yellow
100/box, 1000/case